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We are not affiliated with Disney, any of it's partners or New Horizon.

If you come across ANY sort of Disney mention (or again, any of it's parners or New Horizon Interactive), you need to understand that we are not affiliated them and that is there because A) they own Club Penguin; or B) we haven't gotten around to editing it. EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR THE THINGS WE MODIFIED ON THIS SITE ARE OWNED BY WALT DISNEY ONLINE STUDIOS.


By using Club Penguin: Classic, you agree to the following:

- That you understand Club Penguin (the name & game) is owned by Walt Disney Online Studios (elaborated below)

- The Terms and Conditions (click here)

- The Privacy Policy (click here)

- That we have the right to change anything on this website (including legal assets) at ANY GIVEN TIME. (we will warn you if/when we do)

- That if we ever mistaken Club Penguin: Classic for Club Penguin or vice versa, you acknowledge that WE DECIDE which we meant and to contact us if confusion occurs


Legal note:

You need to know that Club Penguin: Classic is a fan-made remake of Disney & RocketSnail's Club Penguin, created using publicly available downloads and information made freely available to the general public.

By using Club Penguin: Classic, you certify that you understand that Club Penguin: Classic is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company and/or the Disney Interactive Media Group (collectively referred to as "Disney") and you hereby release Disney, as well as any employees or agents of Disney, from any and all liability, corporate, or personal loss caused to you or others by the use of Club Penguin: Classic.