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Club Penguin: Classic - More Information

This is a collection of information that we think is valuable. Check below for a quick few important points regarding Club Penguin: Classic.

We are non-profit

Club Penguin: Classic runs off of donations, so it does not host ads, files or anything of the sort. This website is run by fans of the game and we are not seeking a profit margin, however, servers and website hosting can be costly and since we do not make players purchase Membership we must seek donations. Let us be the first to inform you that we understand if you don't want to make a donation, it is entirely optional! However, donations will increase the life and playability of Club Penguin: Classic significantly.


We are not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company (WDC) or RocketSnail Games

As the subtopic title says, we have absolutely no ties with WDC or RocketSnail Games (the two studios who originally ran Club Penguin). Again, this is a re-made website created by loyal fans of the game so we need to stress that we are not part of a bigger corporation. This leads into our Legal page, which you can check out by clicking here.


Membership is free for all players

Just like we promised and mentioned at the top of the page, Membership is free for all penguins! It doesn't matter when you sign up, it isn't based on names, every single penguin gets to enjoy the full Club Penguin experience, completely free! If for whatever reason you do not see a member status in-game, please give us a shout by clicking here.