Club Penguin

The Dummy Page

Q. What's this? Where is what I clicked on?

A. This is a dummy page. A lot of the buttons on the home page lead to links that no longer exist, or are not what we're about. For example, on the home page in the sidebar you'll find the 'Gift Cards' and 'Fun Stuff' buttons which used to lead to links selling things by Club Penguin. As you know, this website is entirely free to use. However, since we are trying to make Club Penguin: Classic as true as we can, we left them up there purely for decoration, and instead of giving you a 404 page and causing confusion (a 404 is a type of error), we decided to use this instead.

Q. Will the buttons that lead to this page ever actually be used for something?

A. Most likely, no. If they were intended for use by us, they'd have been re-coded by now. Most of the buttons that lead to this page were buttons that you'd use to buy Club Penguin merchandise and gift cards from Disney/RocketSnail.