Club Penguin


Entry #5

This is the post that I didn't want to have to make, but here I am.

After about a month of constant trial and error, I have found it that with my current resources, making Club Penguin: Classic will not be possible. I have been the only one developing this project and it quickly became too much to handle, even without a playerbase and a working game. It was my first time working with Flash and attempting to create a CPPS and I decided to take on the heavy task of creating a public CPPS on a VPS without experience. Not only was this the problem, but I had absolutely no help after I stopped receiving help from the one guy who helped me a while ago.

To add in to all of this, I started college a little less than two months ago and have been busy with that as well. I have also been working on home renovations and such, things that I didn't intend to happen too quickly. I found that I had a lot of free time that I could do something productive with, but as soon as I started working on CP-Classic, my life got swarmed with stuff I wasn't interested in doing in the slightest, however non-optional.

I still have credit on my VPS so if I decide to give this project another go, I will, but I won't announce it until it's 100% finished. Also, I will not be working on this alone again. If I'm going to try again later I'm going to need a team.

The two of you that donated have been refunded and I sincerely apologize to everyone who was anticipating this project, and thank you for your support throughout the weeks.

Sorry about all of this guys, maybe one day we'll go again. For now, it's not going to work. :(


- Post by megapeng @ May 7th, 2017

Entry #4: Website is 100% complete

Sorry for such a long wait. The website's been in an 'almost complete' stage for a while now. Tonight that changed - Club Penguin: Classic's website is finished. I just did all of the legal notes (check them out at the footer of the page) and made every link work (except you may still find a couple of 404s for irrelevant pages). The game client is still underway, however, I'm happy to say we're well on our way and should be launching some time next week if all goes according to plan. Expect an official announcement soon. Sorry to keep you waiting, guys. Waddle on!

PS: it is now just me again working on everything so if for whatever reason something happens, know that it's only me over here. I'll let you know if anything goes down, but it'll all be fine.


- Post by megapeng @ April 23rd, 2017

Entry #3: Restart

For the past few days of development, I've been facing a ton of issues and so I've decided to switch sources from Luna to Sweater. I've had to completely restart operations, however, we are back up and running.

The main issues that need fixing right now are:

  • User registration - this is high priority
  • GAMES! - this is high priority
  • Catalog items - this is high priority
  • Newspaper - this is low priority
  • Rooms - this is high priority, however it is easy and relatively fast to do

Basically the same issues as last time. I have yet to give out a release date but I intend to be done the game client at least by some time next week, and will do whatever I can to reach that and start letting players register.

You can now e-mail me questions you might have about CPC - [email protected] - learn more about that and why I used Gmail on the Contact Us page.

Thanks again for your patience.


- Post by megapeng @ April 18th, 2017

Entry #2: Making great progress!

Today, I worked behind the scenes and wasn't getting all the info I needed. Then came along a penguin named Fice, who was an amazing helper and together we got the first instance of the game up and running. However, we still aren't done. There's a few more things to do now, but login works, databases are all operational. The current noticable problems right now are:

  • map doesn't work - this messes up your igloo, ice berg and dojo (because you can't join/leave)
  • a few rooms are in spanish
  • a few rooms' walls can be walked on
  • some rooms aren't as they were in ~2007 (we're trying our best to achieve this)
  • if you open the newspaper, you need to refresh as it does not work properly
  • postcards aren't classic style

By this it might sound that we're behind, however, that isn't the case. Just check this picture out from earlier today:

Making Progress

We're on our way ladies and gentlemen, and we hope to see you soon. Me and Fice are going to work more on this game and hopefully be done soon. Thank you for your patience, and make sure to give Fice a greeting in-game!


- Post by megapeng @ April 11th, 2017

Entry #1: Nearing website completion

I'm delighted to announce that the website is almost done. Almost all pages are leading to correct links, every page that needs to exist now exists (yes, including error pages). Donations have been set up so feel free to help out, and we've successfully registered a domain name and SSL. You can use this website now via! SSL (or https) is basically a virtual certificate that makes the communications between the website and you totally private. You're protected by an extraordinarily complex encryption, and if you ever worry that you're on the wrong Club Penguin: Classic website, just check the url for the HTTPS! (and the name, of course.) So, in the next couple of days I am going to begin the game itself which may take some time. If you've got interest in helping out with this project, give me a message on reddit. /u/ryandunking New information regarding the game itself will come out closer to release so make sure to stay tuned and check this blog daily.

Let's get this started.

- Post by megapeng @ April 10th, 2017